If you are interested in knowing how an operating system works this book “Operating systems” By “Gary Nutt” is a great source of reading. I just started reading it and already got impressed with the way things are presented in the book. It covers all the topics from system tools to applications tools. Moreover it covers many of the platforms of the present and the past like Unix,Linux,BSD,windows,MacOsX. A must read for all :) I searched the web for ebbok but unable to find it so,I bought it through flipkart. Here’s the link of the same

Buy Operating Systems 3rd Ed. from Flipkart.com

I would also like to recommend you guys this great book which not only motivates you but also teaches you important aspects of the Technical world. If you are passionate about Google like me you must read it :D:D

Buy The Google Story from Flipkart.com

I am reading about Pygame a lot these days. Was looking for a good book and found this one :) It’s simply great :)

Buy Game Programming: The L Line 1st Edition from Flipkart.com..

And if you are crazy enough about the design patterns, This book will be your best partner
Design Patterns: Elements Of Reusable Object-Oriented Software..

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