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The Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) is a free open source version of the Unix operating system which evolved at the University of Berkeley starting from 1975, and it is based on AT&T’s Unix Sixth Edition (V6). The name BSD is now used collectively for the modern descendants of these distributions. Most notable among these today is perhaps the major open source BSDs (FreeBSDNetBSDOpenBSD) which have themselves spawned a number of children.

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User interface is among the most important parts of any web browser, but lately they’re all starting to look the same.

Mozilla Labs‘ solution? Chromeless, an experiment that will let people with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript create their own browser interfaces.

Introducing the idea, Mozilla developer Marcio Galli asks, “What kinds of wild-eyed experimentation would we see if a new conception of browser UI could be prototyped in about the same time it takes to write a web page?” To illustrate his point, Galli posted a simple example that uses page screenshot thumbnails instead of tabs. Full Story At-


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Ubuntu 10.10- Now Available

Its gr8 to tell all the geeks  over there that Ubuntu 10.10 (Stable)  is now available. And cool thing is that  Ubuntu released  10.10 on 10/10/10. What a group of 10’s over there 😀 . This version name is “Maverick Meerkat”. Features involved in this is Cloud 10 usage instead of  cloud 9 with ebay hour free offer,improved Ubuntu software center, Ubuntu One Mobile integration and many more. As usual it comes in three editions- Desktop,Server,Netbook. You can download  it from the . Share your experience with us!!!


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Hey Gr8 news for all the UBUNTU distro lovers. Ubuntu is releasing its 10.10 version soon in this month with some advanced feature like clock widget,extended gnome-support etc.  In the meanwhile you can download the release candidate version from and can test the compatibility of your system. For stable version you have to wait for some days 🙂
The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon


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