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GeeksZine November issue

Sweet November brings another colorful issue  of GeeksZine. We have put togetherShell Internals, Git, a writeup on an automation tool PyMakeMeLazyNDumb along with some Cool Tricks and News Bytes this month. We invite everyone to become a part of the GeeksZine so that we all could prove that Open Source is Fun. A big thanks to Richard StallmanLinus Torvalds and all the Geeks there to pamper us with FLOSS and make the GeeksZine possible. FLOSS Rulz!!!

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Advertisements may not be the number one free alternative to Microsoft Office for much longer. Since Oracle acquired Sun the future of the open source office suite has been uncertain. So uncertain in fact that a group decided to fork the code base and create an alternative implementation called LibreOffice under a new organization known as The Document Foundation.

Essentially LibreOffice is the equivalent of, but in no way is under the control of Oracle. The Document Foundation asked Oracle to come on board and to allow them to use the name. Oracle refused and asked anyone associated with LibreOffice to leave the project due to a conflict of interest.
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The v0.0.2 of PyMakeMeLazyNDumb contains : is a generic python module that comprises of several general purpose routines required most of the times by python automation tools. All the components of PyMakeMeLazyNDumb are based upon it heavily. This module is slightly different in v0.0.2 from v0.0.1 regarding a small fix. is a python app that creates various files having .c, .h, .cpp, .hpp, .java, .py, .pl, .rb, .lua, .php, .sh, .mak, .sql extensions with appropriate commented information headers. Some of the generic fields of the commented info headers are filled automatically. So use this simple but effective app next time when you want to generate files you or others could track later on.  Explanation on –


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