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How important is it to be able to type quickly? Jeff Atwood has said numerous times that programmer must be a good typist. For example, a few weeks ago he said

I can’t take slow typists seriously as programmers. When was the last time you saw a hunt-and-peck pianist?

But programming is not like playing piano.  Programming is more like composing music than performing music. Most composers can play piano well, but some cannot. Read Full Article At –


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Vim Cheat Sheet

Wanna Learn Vim Quickly And In A More Effective Way??? Grab This—

Vim CheatSheet


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It’s a pleasure to present the 6th issue of the GeeksZine and hope that we’ll keep on improving and delivering the zine for many more years to come. This issue of the zine consists of Turning your old machines into development workhorse using PuppyLinux, Text processing with power tool Sed and a writeup on the current release of PyMakeMeLazyNDumb. Also there are regular News bytes and Tips n tricks sections for you. A big thanks to Richard StallmanLinus Torvalds and all the Geeks there to pamper us with FLOSS and make the GeeksZine possible. FLOSS Rulz!!!

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