Khan Academy, a non-profit organization that provides free online  education to anyone, anywhere in the word. Khan academy was started by Salman Khan (No Bollywood Connections), who quits his job to start online teaching. “Its our mission to accelerate  learning for students of all ages.” – thats the slogan of Khan Academy. Khan teaches on an electronic blackboard with his voice in the background explaining all the concepts. He never appears in the videos. Initially he started teaching maths, now his lectures covers Physics, Chemistry, Finance, History, Computer Science and much more. Khan Academy also provides online exercises, to practice what a student has learned. You can login using Google or Facebook , and the website will track your progress. Its really a revolution in the field of education. In, 2010 Google announced that they will be giving Khan Academy $2 million to support creation of more courses and also to enable Khan Academy to translate their courses into most widely spoken languages.

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