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Wikipedia : One of the most important web portal in  geek’s life. Whenever I need to search anything I use two things. First open up the Google and then search for the related  wikipedia page. Exploring wikipedia page using shell is possible. Interested fact is that we can do it without even opening the cli browser. We can make wikipedia text query over dns for an ip address. I learned this trick from Ajay Sharma ( Thanks to him for teaching me this wonderful trick. Let’s explore how to do it 🙂

We will use ‘dig‘ utility for this purpose. Dig is more popularly known as the DNS lookup Utility. You can find more about it using  man pages. Syntax for the text based wikipedia query is : dig +short txt <keyword> . For example if you want to look into the wikipedia page of Linux you need to type something like this : dig +short txt . Screenshot of the same is attached below :

Making A Wikipedia Query In CLI

For multiple word search having spaces in between them you can use the traditional ‘\’ operator. To grasp the wikipedia page  of  Free Software Foundation (FSF) we need to type dig +short txt  free\ software\ . 

FSF Wikipedia Search

Only problem is its quite limited. I am trying to figure out a way through which we can look up the whole page but I think this much is also quite useful as most of the times we came to know about the product by reading one or two lines only. So play with wikipedia using Shell only 🙂

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Let’s Celebrate Steve Jobs Life

I came to know about the death of Steve’s death through twitter in the morning. Moment was really sad and  I was unable to work properly . But then I received a call from my friend in the evening. He told me that let’s not mourn his death anymore. Let’s celebrate his life. He contributed to the tech world through his innovations. Let us innovate something and pay a tribute to this ‘iCon of Silicon Valley‘ .I know this blog is dedicated to open source technologies but we respect and salute this man for his great contributions. RIP Steve Jobs. Below is an image that reflects his ways of thinking.

Great Man : Great Thoughts

Also I am looking forward to this book : Buy Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography from . High Expectations :):)

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