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You’ve probably noticed that the ride has been a bit bumpy on the past week with a widely covered DDoS attack last week and then another interruption a few hours ago from an unrelated network maintenance issue. Our core mission is enabling the world to publish, and anything that affects the availability of your site or dashboard impedes that. Anything less than 100% availability drives us to work harder. Rest assured that behind-the-scenes … Read More via News

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To keep peaceful protesters informed with live protest information that will assist them in avoiding injury, in keeping clear of trouble spots and in avoiding unnecessary detention.The application suite gives maximum information to those participating in a demonstration so that they can make informed decisions, as well as to those following externally who may be concerned about friends and family.It should make full use of the crowd in gathering information which is then analysed and handed back to the crowd.To Know More About This Project Visit –


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Programming Is Not A Craft

This is a great article i came across on the web. It is written by DAN NORTH. Below is a glimpse of the article-

Software Craftsmanship risks putting the software at the centre rather than the benefit the software is supposed to deliver, mostly because we are romantics with big egos. Programming is about automating work like crunching data, processing and presenting information, or controlling and automating machines.

Non-programmers don’t care about the aesthetics of software in the same way non-plumbers don’t care about the aesthetics of plumbing – they just want their information in the right place or their hot water to work. (Although it’s fair to say they appreciate decent boiler controls.)

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