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Few days back I attended a training given by Alexis Abril. It changed my thoughts about the JavaScript. Earlier my thought on JavaScript was “JavaScript is a scripting language just to manipulate HTML DOM elements mainly”.But after going through in-depth knowledge of JavaScript,I became a fan of JavaScript. It is not only document.getElementById , but it is a real programming language. Its prototype nature is really awesome. No doubts there are some flaws in the language but I think every language contains them. Context,prototype,functions are some of the remarkable features of this language.Moreover Javascript also possesses Object oriented nature but in a slight different manner. Libraries like JQuery,Dojo etc has further extended the capabilities of this language. I would recommend every web developer especially UI developers to learn this language in-depth. Few of the books I am following on the recommendation of Alexis Abril are JavaScript: The Definitive Guide 6th Edition and JavaScript: The Good Parts 1st Edition.. I would recommend readers to get the sixth edition of Definitive Guide because it includes HTML5 also. Second book is written by great Douglas Crockford and includes some advance JavaScript philosophies..

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I was running through various articles on the web and found this great interesting concept. There is an inbuilt Linux emulator within the browser. It means that you can learn the Unix/Linux from the browser without installing  the actual operating system. All you need is a good internet connection. This is a great recommendation for the newbie. They can check out their compatibility with the Linux using  this PC emulator and if find’s Linux  interesting, then they  can install the real operating system on their  systems later. This can also be used for the testing purposes. Technology behind this is JavaScript. Don’t know how the creator (Fabrice Bellard)  did this  but hats off to him .

Link to the PC emulator – http://bellard.org/jslinux/

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