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Command line terminals are an indispensable part of *IXs. We all need those sooner or later. Usually we want to open many terminals at a time to do various things in those but placing them in the same screen is bit chaotic. We have an utility on GNOME  desktop environment  known  as terminator that is able to create multiple terminals in same window. These  multiple terminals could be created by horizontally, verticallly or tab dividing the window. Screenshot of the same is shown below :

Multiple Terminals

To install it on Ubuntu, issue command  sudo apt­-get install terminator. To launch it  on ubuntu go to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminator . You can also type terminator in cli shell to launch it. If you want to install it manually then you can download it from their official page .

The basic key combinations are:

Ctrl+Shift+O for   the  horizontal division
Ctrl+Shift+E for the vertical division,
Ctrl+Shift+T for the  tab  division
Ctrl+Tab  to switch between the created terminals
Ctrl+Shift+q to quit terminator.

The terminator supports a hell lot of functionalities like grouping ,automatic logging,multiple searching etc. For more info about the terminator, access its man page through man terminator command.

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LAMP server is the backbone of the Web today and Linux too. Users using Linux get  confused sometimes while setting up the LAMP server . I was going through the articles and found this great and very useful article on “Step up Step Installation of LAMP in Ubuntu 11.04“.
Ubuntu LAMP servers install the following versions-
Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty)
Apache 2.2.17
Mysql 5.1.54
PHP 5.3.5
Read the Full Article At http://www.ubuntugeek.com/step-by-step-ubuntu-11-04-natty-lamp-server-setup.html


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Ubuntu 10.10- Now Available

Its gr8 to tell all the geeks  over there that Ubuntu 10.10 (Stable)  is now available. And cool thing is that  Ubuntu released  10.10 on 10/10/10. What a group of 10’s over there 😀 . This version name is “Maverick Meerkat”. Features involved in this is Cloud 10 usage instead of  cloud 9 with ebay hour free offer,improved Ubuntu software center, Ubuntu One Mobile integration and many more. As usual it comes in three editions- Desktop,Server,Netbook. You can download  it from the  www.ubuntu.com . Share your experience with us!!!


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Hey Gr8 news for all the UBUNTU distro lovers. Ubuntu is releasing its 10.10 version soon in this month with some advanced feature like clock widget,extended gnome-support etc.  In the meanwhile you can download the release candidate version from http://www.ubuntu.com and can test the compatibility of your system. For stable version you have to wait for some days 🙂
The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon


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