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I was running through various articles on the web and found this great interesting concept. There is an inbuilt Linux emulator within the browser. It means that you can learn the Unix/Linux from the browser without installing  the actual operating system. All you need is a good internet connection. This is a great recommendation for the newbie. They can check out their compatibility with the Linux using  this PC emulator and if find’s Linux  interesting, then they  can install the real operating system on their  systems later. This can also be used for the testing purposes. Technology behind this is JavaScript. Don’t know how the creator (Fabrice Bellard)  did this  but hats off to him .

Link to the PC emulator – http://bellard.org/jslinux/

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User interface is among the most important parts of any web browser, but lately they’re all starting to look the same.

Mozilla Labs‘ solution? Chromeless, an experiment that will let people with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript create their own browser interfaces.

Introducing the idea, Mozilla developer Marcio Galli asks, “What kinds of wild-eyed experimentation would we see if a new conception of browser UI could be prototyped in about the same time it takes to write a web page?” To illustrate his point, Galli posted a simple example that uses page screenshot thumbnails instead of tabs. Full Story At- http://www.pcworld.com/article/208603/


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